Reading Intervention Program

KC STEMM Academy students learn to read by use of the The Lindamood-Bell Phonemic Awareness Program (LiPS). The LiPS program is a sequential, research-based reading program which is sweeping the country with its ability to help striving students learn to read!
Students learn individual sounds by multi-sensory activities which include seeing the sound symbols, hearing the sound, and feeling what the mouth does when making each sound.
Once students become familiar with six consonant sounds and three vowel sounds, they learn to track sounds by use of nonsense words. Nonsense words are employed in LiPS to insure the rules of reading are being learned instead of real words being drawn from memory.
When all consonant and vowel sounds become automatic, the rules of reading are added one at a time until 80% proficient. The 600 most frequent sight words are internalized and reading for speed and accuracy begins.

STEMM Program

STEMM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Media. At the Kenneth A. Christmon STEMM Academy, a STEMM education means that students, parents, teachers and partners are engaged in relevant, rigorous and relationship-based educational experiences. Students will participate in inquiry and project-based instruction that integrates the traditional STEMM content areas with social studies, language arts and the fine arts. The curriculum will be directly connected to the real work world of work being done by the scientists, engineers, strategists, planners, innovators and entrepreneurs throughout the region.

At KC STEMM Academy we focus on STEMM instruction inside and outside the classroom. Not only does each grade level have a STEMM teacher who teaches the Common Core standards in those subjects, teachers and students also have access to the latest technology everyday in the classroom. Families are engaged in the STEMM program by attending STEMM Family Nights where students and families take part in interactive projects and activities in the STEMM subject areas.

English Language Learner Program

KC STEMM Academy understands and embraces bilingual students who are learning English as a second language. English Language Learners (ELL’s) are supported through small group English instruction and are accessed annually through the LAS Links exam. Interpreters are located at both facilities everyday to accommodate language barriers between students, families, and the school. All students and staff have access to Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish.

Character Counts Program

At KC STEMM Academy we teach character development through the Character Counts curriculum. We teach students the six pillars of good character, which are: trustworthiness, responsibility, caring, respect, fairness, and citizenship. Through daily morning meetings, Character Counts Wednesdays, and monthly convocations the development and demonstration of good character are expectations of all students, staff, and families.

College Readiness Program

At KC STEMM Academy we believe that all students deserve the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for a college education. College readiness is in everything we do. Every classroom and office in our facilities has adopted a college or university. That college or university partners with the classroom teacher or staff person to provide college gear, interactive projects, classroom visitors, and college/university campus visits for students and families. College vocabulary is used everyday. A College/University Fair is held every year to teach families about the colleges/universities that our school has adopted.

Extracurricular Programs

We offer a wide range of extracurricular after school programs for your children to participate in. These include: LEGOS Robotics team, girls/boys basketball, girls softball, Math Bowl, Spell Bowl, gospel choir, Zumbatomic dance fitness class, Boys and Girls Scouts, Spanish club, etc.)

Summer Enrichment Program

Each summer KC STEMM Academy holds a 5 week summer enrichment program for our students. The all day program is packed with math, reading, fine arts, life skills, STEMM programs, and field trips. The summer program is free of charge to KC STEMM families.