School Closing Alert:  No closings at this time – 12/21/12.

Kenneth A. Christmon STEMM Academy

Formerly known as Galileo Charter School, The KC STEMM Academy is a free, public school available to all K-8 students in the Richmond/Wayne County area. KC STEMM Academy opened in August of 2005 and is based on the cornerstones of STEMM instruction (Science, technology, engineering, math and media), character development, and college readiness.


Based on the cornerstones of literacy, character development, and self-esteem, the mission of The Christmon STEMM Academy is to educate children in a community of mutual respect, to inspire a life-long love of learning, and to develop contributing members of our global community.


The Christmon STEMM Academy is a place where teachers, children, and parents/caregivers acknowledge each child’s uniqueness and work together in community to educate and nurture each child.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Individualized instruction
  • Small classes and small school
  • Teaching character & self-esteem daily
  • Restitution model of discipline
  • Uniform Dress Code
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Transportation Provided
  • Extended school day and school year
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Dedication to professional development, including partnership with community organizations.
“Christmon STEMM Academy shows a lot of flexibility when working with families. Whether it is transportation arrangements or other unique family situations, the staff is very helpful. There is good parent/teacher communication, and they offer a variety of fun activities for the kids.”
– Gina Shipp, Parent
“KC STEMM is unique in that teachers gear their instruction to students’ individual learning style and level. The staff at Christmon creates a welcoming environment that promotes a love of life-long learning within its students. Attending college is discussed in every grade level, beginning in kindergarten. Teachers, staff, and administration create partnerships with parents to ensure the success of every child”
– Sara Williams, Teacher

Interested in sending your child to The Christmon STEMM Academy?

We take pride in offering a healthy and fun learning environment for children K-6 in the Wayne County Area. Click to learn more about how you can send your children to our school


“Estamos conscientes de la importancia que tiene la educacion para la ninez, adolescencia y para la juventud, en un mundo donde reclamamos lideres mas humanos y autenticos”.


Translation: “We acknowledge the importance of education for children, adolescents and youth in a world that clamors for more humane and authentic leaders”.